12' x 50' FLX-Gate Berm


  • Patent Pending Drive Through FLX Gate Access
  • Will not Rip, Tear, Wear or Puncture
  • Excellent Chemical Compatibility
  • Easily draped hoses & piping over rigid walls
  • No ground protection required
  • Cleaned In Place by Ironclad
  • No inside tripping hazards
  • Corner drain outlets

12' Wide x 50' or 52' Long
Ironclad Containment Rigid Spill Guard

The most durable, strongest, safest spill guard designed. Ironclad containments protect your job site from spills, drips and leaks, reduces spill guard damages, misplaced parts, repairs while keeping you in EPA compliance and protecting our environment.

Weights & Measurements:

Specification Measurement
Capacity 70 BBL (2960 Gallons)
Size 12’ Wide X 50’ (up to 52') Long X 8” deep
Thickness Walls 1” thick ● Floors 1/3” thick
Weight 3200 lbs.
Material Poly Propylene Copolymer
Temperature Ranging -50°F to 180°F


Contains acids, caustics, fertilizers and other hazardous liquids, Hydrocarbons like Diesels, gasolines, crude oil, mineral based hydraulic fluids, type spills.

Frac tank king size, 130 bbl. vacuum trucks, tank trailers, N2 trailers, hazardous waste drum box trailers, tractor trailer with chemical totes storage, mix tanks, storage for contaminated heat exchanger storage, portable hydroblast pad setup, equipment cleaning pad, store chemical totes, drum pallets, oil drum storage, skid pumps, chemical hose manifolds, larger size portable heat exchangers, water treatment trailers, 500-gallon chemical recirculation system, store contaminated process parts or exchangers waiting to be cleaned, contaminated hose or oil spill boom storage before, use it as an equipment deacon pad, storage for contaminated tower packing rings.

Reliable containment
for any situation!