4' x 4' or 7' x 7' Hard Wall and Foam Wall Containments


  • No assembly and no parts
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Easily portable
  • Light weight
  • Superior chemical compatibility
  • Rigid walls will not collapse
  • No ground protection required
  • No inside tripping hazards

4' x 4' or 7' x 7'
Ironclad Containment Rigid Spill Guard

This One-piece spill pan is designed for smaller applications with superior chemical compatibility with the same strength as our larger secondary containments. This light weight design is easily relocated when spill requirements change across your job site.

Also available in a foam wall design.

Weights & Measurements:

Specification Measurement
Capacity 40 Gal and 120 Gal
Size 4' x 4' and 7' x 7'
Thickness 1/2" thick
Weight 60 lbs. and 130 lbs.
Material Poly Propylene Copolymer
Temperature Ranging -50°F to 180°F


Compatible with Acids, Caustics, Fertilizers and other Hazardous Liquids, Hydrocarbons like Diesels, Gasolines, Crude Oils, Mineral Based Hydraulic Fluids

Store 55-gallon drums, 40” x 46” IBC Poly Composite and Stainless Steel IBC tote tanks, diaphragm & gas skid pumps, small skid pumps, parts cleaner station, small light towers, Porta Potty, draining diesel from truck tank, engine oil leaks, vacuum truck hose disconnect, line breaks, hazmat employee deacon wash station, hose storage, contaminated parts waiting for cleaning.

Reliable containment
for any situation!