. Cleaning Process - Ironclad Containment

Ironclad Clean In-Place Technology

Because Ironclad containments are rigid and can’t be folded we needed to design a clean in-place process. This process reduces employees risk rolling up a heavy wet contaminated berm. Without the Ironclad process other companies have to be careful to trap the wet solids inside of the berm while folding them up but can easily leak over the job site. There is physical labor lifting, loading, transporting then unloading to an off or on site cleaning pad. This not only has physical labor involved but is not a safe act and isn’t environmentally friendly.

With years of hydroblasting experience our team developed the Ironclad “Clean In-Place” Solution. We utilize a hot source of high pressure water that cuts through hydrocarbon minimizing the need for expensive soaps and vacuum removing some of the hardest to clean hydrocarbon spills into a on board vacuum tank to be relocated to the client’s on-site waste area. The Ironclad Solution is designed to reduce cleaning liquids, harmful soaps, solid waste, employee risk, time and cost while focusing on protecting the environment and employee.



  • One-man operation, Ironclad “Clean in Place”
  • High Pressure hot water rotating “Power horse berm cleaner”
  • Pulls liquid waste into our on-board vacuum tank
  • Haul away cleaning liquids to your on-site waste area
  • Limited over spray reduces contaminating PPE waste into our landfills
  • Uses less water all waste is contained
  • Waste removal near others is clean and safe with our enclosed “Power Horse Rotating Cleaner”
  • Removes multiple berm movements to clean contaminated berms
  • Removes uncontrollable labor and transportation cost
  • No disassembly or unfolding which reduces berm physical labor and employee risk


Reliable containment
for any situation