Ironclad Rigid Spill Containments

The Ironclad Containment design and services are based on keeping our clients in compliance with EPA regulations, avoiding fines from spills, leaks, preventing hazardous liquid pollution of soil and water. EPA requires a containment to be placed under temporary storage tanks, like ISO Containers, portable vessels, temporary frac tanks and portable equipment storing hazardous fluids.


  • Drive through FLX-Gate technology - Patent Pending.
  • One-piece unit for easy forklift offloading.
  • Rigid sidewalls support hose and equipment without collapsing.
  • No ground protection required.
  • Zero-drain 2 inch drains in all corners.
  • Flooring material up to 3/4 inch thick.

Product comparison of berm materials

FLX-Gate Technology

FLX-GATE Technology provides a simplified approach with drive through capabilities and easy access from either end. Ironclad Containments requires no assembly or disassembly when entering or exiting the containment. This means that the containment is never compromised. Ironclad containment rigid walls are always up protecting the environment.

Drop and Go

Our one-piece rigid containment design reduces physical labor, no assembly, no parts to manage, off loads and loads in minutes with no client assistance and is available for immediate use.

The Ironclad process is simple. It reduces employee risks like manual work-related injuries, heat exhaustion and reduces down time due to heat relief breaks.

Environmentally Friendly

Ironclad Containment is dedicated to protecting the environment and the safety of our berm users with our design. While the 80-mil thin berm material used across the US continues to fail job after job, polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer that is recognized for its strength, stiffness and resistance to heat. Our plastic co-polymer is randomized to increase its strength and durability protecting our containments from ground debris punctures, truck tire rips, vibrating skid pumps wearing and heavy equipment tears.

Our floor design will not wrinkle or pool spills under frac tank floors, with the chance of mixing with precipitation and then draining into the environment. All other berms options are considered a throwaway product designed to be replaced over and over. These products are expensive to decontaminate after use which eliminates recycling of berm material as they continue to fill our landfills daily.

The Ironclad containment is not a throw away product and are reused for many years then recycled at the end of their life. Providing landfill relief across the US.

Explore Ironclad Containment Features

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The Ironclad FLX-Gate allows quick no hassle access to the containment. No L-brackets to remove and replace. Simple drive through and drop.


At up to 3/4 inches thick, the floor in an Ironclad containment wont rip, tear or puncture and is ready for the toughest jobs.

Lift Lugs

Lifting lugs allow the berm to be lifted and placed in to position. Berms up to 30ft can also be lifted with a forklift.


1 inch sidewalls provide the protection you require. Because they are rigid they can support hose and equipment with out collapsing or the need for additional support equipment.

Corner Drains

Four drains in each corner provide controlled response to liquid removal. Each drain is set below the surface to ensure each drop is removed from the containment.